What is the Scope of a Property Management Company in Langley

Running a real estate property is difficult work and extremely time consuming, That is why most real estate owners turn to property management companies to handle general operations. However, what exactly is the scope of property management Langley firms? Each management firm provider may offer slightly different services, but in general, you can come to expect some basic specifics. This way, when tracking down the right property management company in Langley you’ll have a better idea of what to expect.

90Determining Rent

First, a property management company is going to help set an accurate rental price. While you may have an idea as to what you want to charge, the management firm will have a better understanding of the current market and what similar companies are charging in the area. Typically, the property management company will perform an extended documentation of the entire property. They will note any necessary repairs and give you recommendations for how to upgrade the property. Some simple upgrades can help you reach a higher rental rate.


Marketing is very important when it comes to your property. People need to know they can rent from you and also how to reach you. Now, depending on the kind of property you own it may not require too much marketing to reach perspective tenants.

There are a few more elements associated with marketing though. This does include preparing the property for rent, such as cleaning the home, improving the landscaping and doing whatever is necessary to beautify the property. Marketing for a property doesn’t just stop when a potential renter walks into the door. They need to like what they see as soon as they walk in, which is why this is such an important step.

Screening Potential Tenants

A quality property management company in Langley needs to screen potential tenants. Not everyone is going to be a good fit for the set property. It is necessary to look into not only income, but credit history, whether they have paid their rent on time with previous tenants and also look into their personal background history. This way, you avoid bringing in someone with a violent past or something who doesn’t pay rent. It is easier to find another tenant than to remove someone from the property who has become a negative attribute.

Managing Tenants91

Part of the scop of property management Langley firms is managing tenants. This doesn’t just include looking into their background and collecting rent checks. This includes hunting down late payments, sending out notices, enforcing fees and performing evictions and any possible legal matters.

Each property management company in Langley is going to provide a slightly different service, although each does generally cover the basics. Whenever you contact a potential property management firm in Langley you’ll now have a better understanding of what services it provides. However, always discuss in further detail the exact specifics of the company. This way, you’ll know exactly what to expect. It will also help point you to the best service provider in the area to fit your particular needs.