How to Ensure a Safe Property Management Business in Washington DC


How to Ensure a Safe Property Management Business in Washington DC


Safety is of utmost concern, not just in a property management business in Washington DC, but everywhere. The nature of the property management business, however, presents some unique safety challenges that must be addressed by property management owners.


Every property management owner should have a safety plan in place that employees, tenants, and land-owners. It should be kept in a central location that everyone has access to and should be practiced at a minimum, quarterly, to keep it fresh and foremost in everyone’s mind. Because safety issues generally arise unexpectedly, it’s important everyone knows the rules and can react according to guidelines easily because of their training and familiarity with the safety rules.


Here are some general guidelines for creating a safety program for your property management business:



    • Guidelines for showing property and what are the absolute do-nots.


    • How to notify other employees, management, and the authorities in an emergency.


    • What to do in the event of a national disaster or natural emergency like a flood, earthquake, etc.


    • Review together and seek buy-in, as well as input from all of staff who may have experienced situations you did not consider.


    • Contact your local authorities and ask about martial arts, self-defense or other recommended trainings for employees.


    • Keep all your safety guidelines and procedures on cards that can be carried in a pocket while doing showings, etc. in case someone forgets in the panic of the moment.


    • Maintain a book of emergency drills/safety guidelines in the office for reference and periodic updates and reviews.


    • Remember that practice makes perfect and make time to walk and talk through potential safety concerns with employers, property owners, and other management personnel at least quarterly.



Safety requires constant vigilance whether you’re trying to ensure a safe property management business in Washington DC or elsewhere. A safety plan and guidelines must be thoughtfully developed, practiced, and updated periodically to ensure adherence, relevance, and preparedness. It is something that too many businesses overlook or simply fail to give the attention it deserves.


If in doubt, or if you need further ideas or guidelines, your local fire department, police department, and local city or county offices are also great resources to contact and ask questions. Often, you will find someone willing to review your safety plan/guidelines and offer suggestions based on their experience with each particular area. You can never be overprepared for a situation that threatens the safety of your employees, tenants, property owners or management team.