Guidelines for Property Management & San Diego Companies: Handling Foot Traffic, Doggy Mess and Trespassing


When your tenants do not pose any problems, it is often their guests or people from out of town that create some issues. Managing rental properties in cities like San Diego presents its own problems with out-of-towners. With the football team, the San Diego Zoo and the aquarium drawing thousands of people every day, properties close to these tourist attractions end up with all kinds of damage. Here are some guidelines for property management for San Diego companies experiencing damages from foot traffic, doggy messes and trespassing.


Foot Traffic


Foot traffic that results from tourists creating their own short-cuts through your properties can be managed with the use of:



    • Fences


    • Stamped concrete foot paths along commonly-traveled routes


    • Security cameras


    • Security guards that stand where tourists are cutting through the property


    • Signs posted to avert unnecessary foot traffic



Some of the most effective measures with regards to foot traffic and the damages it causes the landscaping involve deterrents, like the security guards, cameras and fences. If you cannot deter the tourists from crossing over and through your properties, then creating foot paths for them to travel will at least reduce the damages to the grass and landscaping.


Doggy Mess


If you allow dogs on your properties, it is nearly impossible to tell if the feces left behind belong to tenants’ dogs or visiting dogs. If you do not allow dogs on the properties, then you know that this unpleasant problem is one that has been created by visiting dogs or dogs in the neighborhood. Since city ordinances do require that dog owners clean up after their animals, anyone who does not is in violation of the law.


To end this repugnant and smelly issue:



    • Use security cameras to catch the offenders and report them to the city.


    • Provide doggy mess bags and a garbage can at every spot on the property where there is a noted problem, and post signs to “Please clean up after your dog”.


    • Ask your tenants to keep their eyes open for anyone who is violating city ordinances and/or frequenting the property with dogs in tow.



The first approach is a little harsh, but it does end the problem in a hurry. The second approach listed above tells passers-by that you are willing to let their dogs use that area as a rest stop so long as the owners pick up and dispose of the mess. The final approach puts the tenants in charge of what is happening on the properties when you cannot be there to witness it. What you do with the information provided by the tenants is up to you.




Trespassing is a fairly common problem reported by property managers in the San Diego area, especially with regards to the properties closest to the football and baseball stadiums. Many inebriated fans tend to pass through and over sections of the properties where they are not supposed to be, and then they may even leave a “calling card” that has to be cleaned up the next morning. While it is not possible to stop fans from traveling close to the properties you manage without erecting a military grade barbed-wire fence, you can catch them in the act. Again, security cameras and guards can be your best allies at preventing trespassing, and you would only need the cameras and/or guards on active duty before, after and during game nights.